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AOB Hair Products

Suction Cup


Hang your AOB Luxury Pouch at your desired level with these handy suction cups. No more bending down to pick up your favorite shampoo and conditioner just grab, flip, and squeeze. 

  • Sticks to smooth, nonporous surfaces like glass, plastic, fiberglass, and tile.
  • 70% stronger hold with thick ribbed construction.
  • The release tab makes removal easy.
  • Holds up to 3 lbs.

    • Sulfate-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Silicone-free
    • Canadian-made - formulated and produced by Canadian technologies
    • Cruelty-free - never tested on animals, just humans!
    • pH balanced - maintains natural pH of your hair
    • Formulated with a high percentage of plant-based ingredients
    • Color safe
    • Force Flex Bond multiplier
    • Specifically made for all hair types

    The AOB Flexible Pouch is one of the first of its kind in professional hair care with an easy-to-use flip lid and non-slip material. Our ‘flex’ packaging is focused on the reduction of carbon footprint/waste and delivery of maximum value to our clients.

    “Squeeze Every Last Drop” means you won’t lose even a drop of AOB because our flexible pouches allow you to squeeze out every drop of shampoo or conditioner effortlessly.

    We have also placed a scissor line on the back of your pack to make sure you leave nothing behind. Once finished you can discard your AOB pouch in the recycling bin after use.  A convenient cut out has been placed in the corner of each pouch so you can easily hang if desired. 

    Proteins and amino acids are innovative ingredients that help strengthen the internal hair structure up to 3x that of untreated hair. This unique, bond multiplier works by creating additional hydrogen and ionic bonds with the hair keratin structure. It penetrates deep into the hair fiber to the cortex, and restores hair fiber strength back to the levels of virgin hair.

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    AOB Big Hair Day is formulated with strong texture building technology that provides lift, builds texture and volume for all hair types. 


    Delivers root lift, volume, Humidity resistant, Enhances defines curls, Protect against environmental effects, Smooth feel and delivers natural hair luster, Moisture enhancer and locker, Heat Protection,Builds tensile strength.

    Suction Cup