How To Get Purple Treatment Stains Off Your Hands

How to remove Purple Shampoo stains

We all know how annoying it is when purple shampoo treatments stain our hands and nails. However, keeping our blonde, White and Grey hair looking fabulous is worth the small struggle as it can be prevented or removed. When using Bye Bye Brassy you can always pop a pair of gloves on when using this miracle treatment to avoid staining. 

Why Does Purple Shampoo Stain Hands?

Bye Bye Brassy and purple shampoos contain pigments that neutralise brassy tones in blonde and grey hair. The stronger the toning shampoo, the more powerful these pigments are resulting in staining for a short period of time, if your not careful.

How to Get Rid of Stains

First of all, don't freak out if your hands stain, its completely normal for this to happen. If you somehow forgot to wear a pair of gloves and your hands stain it can certainly be removed. You can start by trying warm soapy water along with a nail brush which generally does the trick. If the stains are more difficult to remove these are the options available for you to rid your hands of that purple glow

  • Stain Remover – stain remover is used to remove colour stains left on the skin after a colouring service. Therefore, this product would easily remove purple pigment stains from your hands. Use a damp cotton pad to apply the stain remover to the skin.
  • Makeup remover – makeup remover should help to lift the pigment from your hands. Apply the product to a cotton pad and gently rub your hands with the pad until they are clean.
  • Nail varnish remover – we would only recommend using nail varnish remover for any persistent stains. Apply a small amount of remover onto a cotton pad and then rub over any stained areas. Follow by washing your hands with soap and warm water and moisturizing with a hand cream after.

Please patch test any cleaning products you use on a small area to avoid any major skin reactions. 



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