Questions and Answers

Are AOB products color safe?

Yes all AOB products are color safe. Our high performance shampoos and conditioners provide superior color retention and anti-fade for all colors, giving longer lasting results adding vibrancy and shine. 

What fragrance is used in the products?

Our vision at AOB was to scent our products with something completely different than anything in the industry that was uniquely our own. From the first time you open an AOB pouch, you experience an exquisite and elegant clean scent that ‘fills the room’. After hundreds of hours of formulating and extensive focus group testing, AOB scent was born. Our chemists created “AOB Signature Scent” using a combination of Floral, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose and Citrus oils infused with musky notes that deliver a textured, smooth powerful and distinctly ‘AOB’ bouquet 

Does AOB test its products or raw materials on animals?

AOB Hair Care has a strong commitment to animal welfare and does not directly or indirectly perform animal testing on any of our products. 

Are AOB products sulphate and paraben Free?

We go above and beyond to make sure we produce nothing but the best for your hair. Our products are sulphate and paraben free but you still get an amazing bubbly lather. 

Do AOB products contain silicone?

Our products do not contain silicone, in fact we use a plant-based silicone replacement ingredient that mimics the smooth, shiny and resilience of silicone. 

What is Biotin?

Biotin improves the quality of keratin structures in hair and hence has a positive effect on fine and brittle hair. Biotin is a key architect of hair reconstruction and hair growth. 

Are AOB products 100% natural?

AOB uses premium ingredients in our products, 50% to 95% of which are natural ingredients. However to provide the best in performance, many of our ingredients are specially formulated and some synthetically derived. 

Are AOB products paraben free?

Yes our products are paraben free. 

Are AOB products Canadian made?

All of our products are proudly Canadian made. 

What is your Return policy?

Please check out our shipping and returns policy at the end of the page.