5 Fabulous Ways To Fake Fuller Hair

5 Fabulous Ways To Fake Fuller Hair
Fake it till you make it with these simple tricks to add volume to your hair.
Is your hair feeling lifeless and lacking that voluminous vibe. Do not worry ladies this hair fairy has got your back. I completely understand what its like to have hair that just looks deflated. Four hair transplants later, years of using every trick in the book, I know it all and I am here to share my little hair secrets. Get some of these tricks right and your hair might be big enough to have its own area code.
Here is how to work your way up in the hair department:
Volume Shampoo
Its always best to start with a good base and washing your hair with a voluminous volume shampoo is where it is at. When washing your hair use warm water to keep your scalp regulated so it doesn't over produce oils making your hair greasy from the get go.
Take out your Fabulous, Amazing, Beautiful AOB Volume Shampoo and massage it into your scalp. Never scrub your scalp hard as this can create panic on the surface generating the over production of oils which again can make your hair feel greasy. Massaging creates a nice blood flow and a healthier happy scalp.
AOB Volume shampoo contains volume generators to help your hair feel lighter and fuller while eliminating buildup. Now that your hair feels fabulous and full we can move onto some more tricks of the trade.
Raise Your Roots With A Crimping Iron
Yes Ladies this actually works, crimping is not just for your eighty's fancy dress party its also great for adding volume at the roots. Start this process on dry hair and spritz your roots with some heat protection spray to avoid damage.
Take horizontal sections 2cm in depth and place your crimping iron close to the root. Close your iron and count Three seconds or longer to get the perfect crimp. Release your iron and continue through the sides and back of your head.
Leave the very top section of your hair out to hide the crimped under layer. Bring your fingers through your roots to separate and now you are ready to hit the Victoria's secret runway.
Back Comb
Back combing or teasing the hair is a fantastic way to add instant body without too much arm work. Teasing the hair doesn't have to be a bad experience, its all about doing it the correct way and not on a regular basis.
Take a section of hair in the desired area you wish to add volume. Bring the section straight up towards the ceiling. Place a comb or backcombing brush one inch away from the root and gently push back down creating a nice soft cushion.
Spritz your section with a light hold hair spray and continue through the rest of your hair with the same method. To finish smooth over your locks with a soft brush to hide any teased or messy areas.
Voluminous Hair Products
We all need a little extra help and volumizing hair products are the key to your hairs heart for instant results. One in particular I use is the Osis Powder Cloud which works wonders. On dry hair lift small sections straight up to the ceiling.
Take the powder and direct the matte spray towards your roots. Once the product has landed take your fingers and simply rub it in to create more lift. Repeat this technique through the areas you wish to create volume.
Change Your Part
Changing your part is like giving your hair a whole new personality. Simply switch over your part every six months whether its from one side to the other or even to the center.
Leaving your hair in a solid line for long periods of time flattens the hair. Trick your locks into adding its own volume by wearing it in different ways. This is one of the simplest steps to add volume to your hair.

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